Public and Private Financial Analysis @ Your Fingertip

Whether you are a government or private business owner of Forex Exchange, Commodities market, or just product or service provider, Atlas Investment Development is there to help. With our economist expertise can help you see the big picture especially in our ever changing economy. we will provide you with continuous in-depth monitoring of the global or local economy and financial markets, which includes components such as: Comprehensive diagnosis of the global economy. The main keys to recent developments and the outlook. Analysis by country and by region. Prediction for economic variables such as inflation, deficits, current currency position, employment, corporate profits, etc. Study of GDP growth by components, and forecasts. Analysis of main financial variables such as interest rates, exchange rates, stock markets, commodities, and general trade Prediction for economical trends curves over different time and great applications of What-If-Analysis scenarios to further dig into risk and positions scenarios. Additionally, Atlas Investment Development offers customized analysis service tailored to our clients' requirements no matter what country client is in. Other detailed reports can cover the following areas: Detailed reporting on internationalization strategies including risk identification where client is present, or plans to grow. Economy impact of on key variables (solvency, profits, free cash flow, etc. ).