Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

Before you think to lay your first block into your new business, conducting a feasibility study is a mandatory prerequisite to learn ahead whether you will make it or break it. Our experts can assist you by developing solid feasibility study that provides detailed information on your growth rather than just surviving. We put ourselves in your place like real partners to develop a preliminary case statement and support materials, conduct market research, and present a comprehensive analysis that offers a pathway to your success. We furnish information and suggestions needed to maximize fundraising efforts if required to enable you to achieve your mission and strategic goals. In summary, a solid professional business plan is absolutely essential for new companies and or new initiatives. Atlas Investment Development will handle all aspects regardless of scale, industry or sector. Some of our deliverables are:  Preparing investment financial analysis based on industrial research  Preparing detailed business plans  Preparing full feasibility study on a idea basis  Preparing financial feasibilities & assessment of the venture  Preparing economic research and report  Preparing project feasibilities  Preparing business take over feasibilities with expansion & re-engineering plans